EDR (Endpoint Detection)

Real Time Endpoint Protection, Detection and Automated Response

EDR delivers real-time, automated endpoint protection with orchestrated incident response across any protected device. This protection includes workstations, servers, and cloud workloads with current and legacy operating systems, as well as manufacturing and OT systems with full feature parity. EDR features native integrations with the Fortinet Security Fabric along with numerous third-party solutions.

Real Time Proactive Risk

Greatly reduces the attack surface through vulnerability assessments and risk Mitigation policies like virtual patching, device discovery, and application control.

Pre-Infection Protection

Provides a proven first layer of defense via a custom-built, kernel-level next-generation

machine-learning-based antivirus (NGAV) engine that prevents infection from advanced attacks like ransomware in real time.

Post-Infection Protection

FortiEDR is the only solution that detects and stops advanced attacks in real time, even when the endpoint has been compromised. No breaches, no data loss, no problem. FortiEDR eliminates dwell time and provides a suite of automated endpoint detection and response (EDR) features to detect, defuse, investigate, respond to, and remediate incidents.