What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing, also known as pentesting or ethical hacking, involves a pen testing company attempting to access and compromise your network, system, and application security. By simulating the actions of a real-world attacker in a controlled environment, penetration testing identifies your security weaknesses. The goal of penetration testing is to help you fix these vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by a cyber criminal.

Penetration testing services from a reputable provider are widely considered standard best practice and should be a foundational component of your risk management programme. Additionally, penetration tests are required for many certification standards, including PCI DSS, SOC2, ISO 27001, and more.

Uncover your security weaknesses

Penetration testing leverages human skill and insight to uncover threats.

Automated security scans

Continuously uncover the latest security threats to your business

Helps with compliance

Meet ISO 27001, PCI DSS, GDPR, SOC2 requirements & more

Key remediation advice

Fix issues fast with remediation advice included with each threat

At-a-glance prioritisation

Results delivered in a modern dashboard-driven platform

Support sales growth

Give customer confidence that you take their security seriously

Why your organisation needs a penetration test


Penetration testing services are widely recognised as the best way to stay on top of evolving cyber threats and prevent data breaches. It’s recommended to perform a pen test at least once a year and whenever there are significant changes to your infrastructure.

Benefits of Penetration Testing:

  • Prevent data breaches and reputation loss
  • Bid for commercial contracts and tenders
  • Meet or maintain compliance requirements
  • Ensure due diligence and supply chain security
  • Inspire customer confidence
  • Enhance secure software development (SDLC)