What is ISO27001:2022 Certification?

Officially known as the ISO27001:2022 Information Security Management standard, it outlines the requirements for businesses to securely manage information assets and data according to an internationally recognised standard. It offers a robust approach for managing assets such as customer and employee details, intellectual property, financial information, and third-party data.

ISO 27001 mandates that organisations assess information security risks, implement robust security controls and processes, and embed information security management throughout the organisation. The standard is suitable for all organisations that collect and process data, including SMEs, corporate entities, and non-profit businesses.

Benefits of ISO27001:2022 Certification

  • Strengthen your data security
  • Engage your employees
  • Continually refine your processes
  • Secure your information assets
  • Prepare for the future
  • Improve your reputation
  • Impress existing clients
  • Win more business

Fixed Fee Certification

The cost of your ISO 27001 certification will be quoted on a fixed fee basis, eliminating concerns about unexpected expenses.

The cost of certification will depend on:

  • Your organisation’s total size
  • The sector you operate in
  • The number of locations you operate from

We always provide a fixed fee with no hidden costs to worry about. Additionally, we offer a variety of payment plans to suit your budget. Contact us today for a quote.

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