Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) is rapidly replacing traditional WAN for remote office and branch deployments. While SD-WAN offers performance benefits that support new digital innovations, many SD-WAN solutions lack consolidated networking and security features.

In response, many network leaders have had to add a complex assortment of tools and solutions to manage and protect their SD-WAN deployments. Instead, they need a simplified approach to contain costs, improve efficiency, and reduce risks. Fortinet Secure SD-WAN addresses each of these requirements, combining next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) with integrated solutions for management and analytics to centralise and simplify SD-WAN operations

Zero Touch Deployment

SD-WAN implementation, streamlines deployment, slashing setup time from days to minutes. Through zero-touch deployment, devices can be swiftly configured a manager at the main office, sidestepping the need for costly and time-consuming deployments.

Centralised Management

Centralised management  enhances network security by minimising configuration errors, reducing cyber risks, and preventing network downtime. Customers can streamline deployment, automate tasks, and implement business-centric policies.

Reporting and Analytics

This comprehensive telemetry accelerates issue resolution, reduces IT support tickets, and ensures compliance through on-demand SD-WAN reports detailing threat landscape, trust levels, and asset access.

Compliance Reporting

Streamlining security infrastructure and automating tedious processes, drastically reducing time and manpower requirements. Organisations gain access to customisable regulatory templates and pre-built reports for standards like PCI DSS, CIS, and NIST, along with robust audit logging and role-based access controls to ensure data integrity and regulatory adherence.


Efficient security integration demands seamless coverage across all distributed locations, requiring centralised visibility and automated responses. FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer facilitate swift threat mitigation by orchestrating policy-based actions across the Fortinet Security Fabric, accelerating response times from months to minutes. By automating SD-WAN tasks and integrating with third-party tools like SIEM and ITSM, Fortinet solutions alleviate operational burdens while preserving existing workflows and investments in security and networking infrastructure.