NDR (Network Detection)

Network detection and response (NDR) solutions are crafted to identify cybersecurity threats within corporate networks, employing artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data analytics. These tools create patterns of typical behaviour by consistently scrutinising both the network’s incoming and outgoing traffic at the enterprise’s boundaries, as well as internal lateral traffic, to pinpoint unusual or concerning traffic patterns. Effective NDR solutions should also integrate incident response capabilities beyond simply issuing alerts, such as automatically adjusting firewall rules to prevent suspicious traffic or providing features to streamline incident analysis and threat detection.

The prevalence of cyberattacks over networks presents both advantages and challenges for defenders. While network-level defenses can detect and counter such attacks, the complexity and size of organisational networks, coupled with increasingly sophisticated threat actors, can make distinguishing attacks from legitimate traffic challenging.

To effectively safeguard against cyber threats, deep network visibility and advanced threat prevention and detection capabilities are indispensable. Traditional signature-based detection methods frequently fall short against modern threats, potentially leading to a false sense of security. Consequently, Network Detection and Response (NDR) solutions offer an additional layer of network-level security and threat prevention, meeting the evolving needs of organisations.

Cyber Incident Detection

NDR solutions go beyond relying on signature-based detection methods, employing artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data analytics to analyse network traffic. This capability enables them to detect patterns and identify anomalies within network traffic, facilitating the identification of suspicious or malicious activity.


NDR security solutions oversee network traffic, extracting patterns indicative of abnormal or suspicious connections. This data is utilised to trigger automated responses by the NDR solution and is shared with Security Operations Centre (SOC) analysts to support their incident investigation efforts.

Intelligence Management

Network detection and response solutions can integrate threat intelligence sourced both internally and externally. This intelligence aids in identifying potential threats within network traffic and can be shared with other security solutions as part of a unified security architecture.

Feed Creation

One of the main functions of an NDR solution is to furnish SOC analysts with an overview of the present security status and potential network threats. Through this, NDR generates a stream of security alerts, flagging suspicious and potentially malicious network traffic.

Threat Prevention

Apart from notifying security analysts of potential threats, NDR solutions can also take proactive and automated measures to thwart cyber attacks. This may involve collaborating with firewalls and other security solutions to intercept and block suspicious or known-malicious traffic, thus disrupting the attack.