Network Security

Growing and scaling digital business while protecting a distributed infrastructure has never been more critical or complex. Networks today are centre of innovation and enable digital acceleration using network modernisation. Fortinet’s Secure Networking converges networking technologies with AI-powered security across all edges to close security gaps and help organisations achieve better user experience.

Digital acceleration has led to a rapid expansion of attack surfaces and creation of new network edges, including LAN, WAN, 5G, remote workers, and clouds. Fortinet’s Secure Networking approach is the industry’s only converged networking and security platform. This convergence enables AI-powered defence of today’s highly dynamic environments while enabling better productivity and user experience.

Importance of Network Security

The threat landscape has evolved significantly in recent years, with cybercriminals increasingly targeting networks as a means of gaining access to sensitive and valuable data.

As decentralised networking is driven by cloud technologies, the attack surface has diversified away from a traditional local area network, increasing risk by now incorporating SD-WAN, edge networking, and even mobile or local Wi-Fi. This offers cyber criminals a much wider attack surface to access organisations.

Reduce the complexity and maximise your ROI by integrating threat protection security capabilities into a single high-performance network security appliance, powered by Fortinet’s Security Processing Unit (SPU). Full visibility into users, devices, and applications across the entire attack surface, and consistent security policy enforcement irrespective of asset location.

Protect against network exploitable vulnerabilities with industry validated IPS that offers low latency and optimised network performance. Automatically block threats on decrypted traffic using the industry’s highest SSL inspection performance, including the latest TLS 1.3 standard with mandated ciphers.

Proactively block newly discovered sophisticated attacks in real-time with AI-powered FortiGuard Labs and advanced threat protection services included in the Fortinet Security Fabric.

Consistent business application performance with accurate detection, dynamic WAN path steering on any best-performing WAN transport. Accelerated multi-cloud access for faster SaaS adoption with cloud-onramp. Self-healing networks with WAN edge high availability, sub-second traffic switchover-based and realtime bandwidth compute-based traffic steering.

Automated overlay tunnels provide encryption and abstracts physical hybrid WAN making it simple to manage. Simplified and intuitive workflow with SD-WAN orchestrator for management and zero touch deployment.

Enhanced analytics both real-time and historical provides visibility into network performance and identifies anomalies. Strong security posture with next generation firewall and real- time threat protection.