Nexus Protect

Nexus Protect Security Controls are a reflection of the holistic approach to cybersecurity, putting the core safeguards in one place while simplifying the setup and management of these critical controls.

This centralised view of Nexus Protect Security Controls enables hassle-free configuration for each control, ultimately simplifying security implementation and issue resolution in a breeze.

Simplicity at the Core

Secure Neuxs employs enterprise-grade technology to simplify and
streamline the day-to-day work. Our unified platform and
onboarding process, seamlessly detects, prevents, and responds
to cyber threats in the most holistic, hassle-free, and
cost-effective way.

Email Security

Stay ahead of potential email
threats by leveraging a user-
friendly API-based active

Cloud Data

Enable cloud data protection to achieve a safe and secure data collaboration with external users

Awareness Training

Equip employees to be the first line of defense against the evolving landscape of cyber threats

External Risk

Gain actionable insights on external threats by scanning digital footprint and exposed vulnerabilities

Endpoint Security

Protect laptops, and desktops from cyber threats such as malware, and ransomware

Secure Browsing

Keep your browser secure with the Secure Neuxs extension for protection against viruses and malicious sites

Phishing Simulation

Continually simulating cyber attacks like phishing emails to highlight weak spots

Enterprise Grade

Enterprise-grade technology to simplify and streamline the day-to-day work